The educational and cultural center "inter-Sputnik "was created on 08.02.2010, is the legal successor of the international educational and cultural center" Sputnik", established in 2010. The purpose of the creation of okts "inter-Sputnik" was the idea Of a "belt of friendship" around Russia, including graduates of Soviet and Russian universities, as well as our compatriots living abroad.

Work on training, which in decades will be the support of Russia in the arrangement of a single planetary government, should be carried out today. The good traditions of international education, laid down in the Soviet Union in the XX century, United over 100 years around our country more than a million people who studied in Soviet and Russian universities and are great friends of our country.

The highest quality of Soviet education on the planet determined the life path, social status, career and success of this "Golden million" of Soviet graduates. Many of them have become presidents, Prime Ministers, speakers of parliaments, Ministers, prominent public figures, scientists, educators and cultural figures of their countries.

The heart and the most important component of spiritual culture is language. Therefore, the task of teaching the Russian language to millions of foreign citizens is one of the primary tasks today. People who have learned Russian in Russia will better understand the worldview of Russians, will feel the Russian spirit and culture of Russia, and in the future will be able to have mutually beneficial business projects in the Russian territory. For this reason, special attention is paid to the study of Russian as a foreign language at the preparatory faculties in the leading universities and institutes of Russia and in the Sputnik center.

Our center invites you to get quality education in the best universities of Russia (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Stavropol, Vladivostok, Penza, Tomsk, Perm, Samara, etc.) in various areas of higher education (bachelor and master) and postgraduate education (postgraduate, residency and doctoral). We will help you to choose the city, University and field of study in accordance with your wishes.

Inter-Sputnik provides a full range of services for the preparation of the necessary documents to provide foreign citizens with an educational process in Russia, as well as a range of services for the organization of meetings, accommodation and adaptation of foreign students in Russia.

Inter-Sputnik provides comprehensive support of the learning process (legal, medical, etc.).) and the life of a foreign student in Russia, as well as timely informing his family about the state of his Affairs in Russia.

We will also organize your leisure and tourism in the most beautiful sights and memorable places of Russia. Acquaintance with the brightest examples of Russian culture.

Center "inter-Sputnik" provides assistance to Russian and foreign citizens in the preparation of candidate and doctoral dissertations in the Humanities, technical, medical and natural Sciences. The center also "inter-Sputnik" assists in the publication Wakowski and SCOPUS the articles of organization of candidate's and doctoral theses in Russian universities.

Inter-Sputnik provides nostrification of Russian documents on education (diploma of higher education, candidate and doctor of Sciences) abroad.

"Inter-Sputnik" assists in the organization of training and internships abroad (Germany, USA, other countries).

"Inter-Sputnik" provides visa support: invitation (tourist, business), assistance in obtaining visas, work permits and citizenship.

Center " inter-Sputnik "is a member of the international coordinating Council of graduates of Soviet and Russian universities"Inkorvuz XXI".